Hello Dumagueteños, potential and existing Expats, and extra-amazing adventurers!

Thank you so much for landing on this site, I greatly appreciate it!  First my name is Gilsar Vergara and I am originally from Negros Oriental more specifically Dumaguete City.  I started this site to primarily promote the island I live on through the various things I do to keep me busy and sane lol!  I would love to further make connections with anyone who would like to share there stories on the island and more importantly anyone who is interested in getting information about the many things that Dumaguete can offer as well as the other 7,106 islands!  So lastly thank you for your time and shoot me some ideas for me to make some vlogs on. Just to throw some ideas out there I can do a “speaking Bisaya/Cebuano” tutorials, what to look out for to not get ripped off, and whatever you can throw at me I will try my best to accommodate.